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Promoting Your Accreditation    
Congratulations! Your school community worked hard for your accreditation. As a MSA‐CESS‐accredited member you are in good company among a wide variety of quality schools and educational institutions of all shapes and sizes. We encourage you to celebrate and promote your accreditation status with the audiences that matter most: parents, staff, students, community members, business leaders and public officials.

MSA-CESS promotes your accredited status in our membership directory and in our newsletter, but there is much more that YOU can do to share your accomplishment!

Did your school benefit from the process? Share your experience with others so they can understand what a comprehensive school improvement process like MSA-CESS accreditation is all about.
Here are a few suggested ways to celebrate and publicize your school's prestigious Middle States Accreditation: 
  • Include the MSA‐CESS logo and a tagline indicating accreditation on school stationery, website, and any other published materials. Need an electronic copy of the logo? Email us at for jpeg and eps files.
  • Display your Certificate of Accreditation in a prominent place in your main office or entryway; a location where it can be viewed by everyone who enters the building.
  • Purchase MSA‐CESS Banners, Embossers, and Window Clings to provide an eye‐catching reminder of achievement. An order form can be found here.
  • Contact your Accreditation Officer or the MSA‐CESS offices to arrange an Accreditation Certificate presentation ceremony. Invite students, staff, parents, civic leaders, community members and the local media to attend.
  • Note your Middle States‐accredited status in your standard phone greeting, live and recorded.
  • Check out local cable and public access channels for opportunities to profile your school and the accreditation process on programs such as COMCAST’s “Schools on Demand.” If your school broadcasts its own television programming, produce a feature about accreditation and be sure to include the MSA‐CESS logo in all credits.
  • Add our brochure, “A Message to Parents: Your Child Is In An Accredited School” to your registration packets and make them available in the main office, guidance departments and at Back‐to‐School nights.
  • Contact local and regional media including daily and weekly newspapers, magazines for parents and families, online publications like, local education bloggers, radio and television stations. Ask the editor or reporter if he/she is interested in a story about your school and how accreditation adds value to your academic reputation. 
These are just a few ways you can gain full value from your Middle States Accreditation. Your school and/or district can likely find more opportunities to reach your stakeholders. If the MSA‐CESS staff can be of any assistance with your publicity endeavors, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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