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Process of Accreditation    

Accreditation is an improvement process and an accountability system. It is an ongoing process, not just a status. Using internationally recognized standards, an institution conducts a comprehensive self-study and evaluation, as well as submitting to a rigorous peer review process. The steps outlined below typically take between 2 to 5 years from initial contact to accreditation. Accredited member schools are committed to ongoing school improvement and the planning process continues through the duration of the accreditation term. 

Initial Interest

Candidacy Application

Candidacy Visit

Offer of Candidacy


Team Visit

Commissions' Decision


Associated Costs    
The recurring costs for a school or institution to become accredited and retain its accreditation comprise the following:
  • Annual Dues - Annual dues are set for schools by type and size. The Dues and Fees Schedule is available upon request.
  • Fees - Fees are charged for special services during the school's term of accreditation. 
  • Accreditation Volunteer Visiting Team Costs – Although the MSA-CESS Visiting Team are volunteers, the candidate institution is responsible for the expenses associated with travel, lodging and meals during the visit.
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