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Programs of Distinction    
Middle States Programs of Distinction provide external validation of a school's accomplishments in specific areas of expertise, enhancing a school's prestige and promoting its reputation as a top-tier institution. Middle States Programs of Distinction serve as models for schools throughout the world.

Schools desiring to improve their programs have the opportunity to use the Middle States Programs of Distinction process to identify strengths and areas for growth. The Programs of Distinctions then provides the inspiration and the means for attaining a high quality program.

If you are interested in applying for any of these programs of distinction, please review the Introduction linked in the title of each Program of Distinction and then contact Audra Chin,
Early Childhood Education
The school demonstrates its dedication to early childhood education through a rich, child-centered philosophy and best practices focusing an exploration, questioning, creativity and social-emotional development as well as literacy and numeracy.
The Global Literacies Program of Distinction recognizes schools that provide programs and services that promote global citizenship and ensure respect for and understanding of diverse cultures and religions. 
Schools attaining the Music Program of Distinction foster within students a deep appreciation for music as an expressive, creative art form. Music education is recognized as an essential component of the social and cultural fiber of society and the school.
The School Counseling Program of Distinction recognizes schools with a comprehensive and coherent school counseling program, which features counselors who advocate for ensuring equity in student access to all the school's educational opportunities.
Service Learning
Schools that integrate community service into the total school program, including the academic curriculum, through activities involving civic responsibility and citizenship are eligible for the Service Learning Program of Distinction.
The STEM Program of Distinction recognizes schools that show a commitment to ensuring all of its students graduate with readiness for college pursuit of STEM related content and a 21st century STEM related career.
The Visual Arts Program of Distinction identifies programs of superior quality, clearly articulated and comprehensive, led by qualified and talented instructors using research-based instructional techniques and strategies, and allows all students to develop an appreciation for and an understanding of the visual arts as a valuable and expressive fine art form.
World Languages
The World Languages Program of Distinction recognizes a school's commitment to language education through a well-articulated, learner-appropriate program that facilitates cultural agility as well as the acquisition of languages at a high level.
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