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Guidelines for Team Members    
While serving on the visiting team, you will be representing the Middle States Association, your own school, and yourself. Therefore, it is important that you understand the following expectations for professional conduct of team members. At all times, please remember:
  • Act as a guest of the host school.
  • Evaluate the school and its plan in terms of its mission, beliefs, and objectives—not your own values.
  • Determine if the school meets the Standards of Accreditation and validate its plan for improvement.
  • Ask questions that are open-ended and give stakeholders the opportunity to tell how they meet the Standards and seek improvement.
  • Remain objective and impartial-avoiding snap judgments or voicing criticisms.
  • Be gracious, considerate, respectful and open-minded.
  • Do not act as a consultant! You have an obligation to observe, review, study, and inquire, not to tell your host how to do things.
  • Do not inspect the school only to find things that are wrong or evaluate individual staff members.
  • Do not compare the school to your own or any other school.
  • Always leave the school in a position of growth!
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