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Your visiting team Chair will introduce you to the protocol, provide a team schedule, discuss the purposes and expected outcomes for the visit, and provide the team with his/her expectations at a training and organizational meeting when you first arrive.

You will spend most of the time during the 3½ day visit observing the routine and functions of the school, interviewing stakeholders, and drawing conclusions regarding the coherence of the school’s self-study and your own observations in regard to the Middle States Standards.

The team will do its work both during the day and in the evenings. You will be asked to write a summary of the team’s conclusions on one or more areas, therefore, it is very helpful to bring a laptop computer with Microsoft Word to the visit. The Chair, however, writes the final report so it is important to turn your contributions over to the chair before leaving.

Your lodgings and meals during the visit will be arranged and paid for by the host school. The host will also reimburse you for your travel costs. Travel expenses include mileage and tolls. Travel by air or train must be approved by the host institution in advance. Personal expenses, including car rental, are not reimbursable. In most cases, the host will reimburse you before your departure.

Professional dress is expected for the daytime; comfortable clothes may be worn for evening meetings at your lodgings.

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