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Benefits of Serving On a Visiting Team    
As most educators know, professional development is critical and networking with your peers is invaluable when it comes to personal and professional growth. Serving on an MSA team provides you with opportunities for both - and much more. 
The scope of MSA's membership gives you the opportunity to visit a wide range of schools, exposing you to diverse teaching and learning methodologies. You'll have the opportunity to observe "Best Practices" in action. As you work with professional colleagues, you can share and highlight your own specialized talents with other educators, forming the basis for new friendships and networks. Repeated  service often leads to opportunities for professional leadership, as well.
Visiting team experience is invaluable to those who will be preparing their own school for accreditation. It will provide the participant with a depth of understanding that can be shared with his or her own school to facilitate success.
In today's economy professional development has become a challenge as budgets shrink. More than ever, professional development must be of high quality and great utility. MSA team service provides professional development at no cost to the team member. While professional development credits are issued for team service, but our team members report an added benefit: returning to their own schools with new ideas ready for immediate implementation. 
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