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For Other Educational Institutions    
In addition to accrediting schools and systems of schools, the Middle States Association also offers specific accreditation protocols for other educational institutions. These institutions either provide educational services directly to students or service the schools and institutions that provide the education to the students. Programs offered by such institutions include, but are not limited to: post-secondary non-degree granting programs; programs outside the normal school day; remedial, enrichment, or alternative instruction; course recovery; after school tutoring; and organizations that develop and provide learning services such as curricula, instructional materials, and programs to educational institutions.

Some examples of institutions that fit into this category include the following Middle States accredited members: Camelot Education, Calvert Education, Huntington Learning Centers, KUMON, NY State BOCES.

For more information regarding the accreditation of other educational institutions, please contact us:
Audra Chin
Manager of Marketing and New Membership


Dan Rufo
Director of Accreditation
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