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“My experience was far better than expected. It takes a lot for me to leave my classroom of 26 nine-year olds. My team members were generous and collaborative to the amateur on the team: ME...This was the BEST professional development I have ever engaged in during my 10 years of teaching.”
 - Christine McLean
St. Leo the Great School
Lancaster, PA

"Thank you for the gift of experience as a part of that great team. It was, for me, a wonderful learning know my 40 years in education were all in a different world. Middle State (is) an environment in which pedagogical dialogues are just truly rewarding for both sides of the evaluation...."
 - Ed Dever

"I truly value the Middle States process and used it with my staff as principal of The Wheatley School in East Williston in a very positive and engaging manner. I also found my work as a chair one of the best professional development experiences I have had in my career.”
 - Richard Simon, Superintendent
West Islip Public Schools
West Islip, NY 
 I served as the Head of School of Mother Cabrini High School from which I retired last June. If you are short-handed on visiting teams, I offer my services as a volunteer. Please accept my gratitude for all that you and the Middle States Commission staff members do to ensure that the highest educational standards are maintained in our schools. 
-Rose McTague 
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