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A Message from MSA-CESS President Christian Talbot

By October 6, 2022No Comments

Dear Friends—

During my first few months here at Middle States, I have had the pleasure of talking with a number of innovative leaders from schools throughout our global network—leaders like Artoun Hamadian, who served as a school principal in Beirut and then the U.S., and eventually became a Middle States visiting team member and chair.

“Being on a visiting team is eye opening,” Artoun told me. “You are exposed to huge amounts of innovation… You connect with so many people who are committed to going beyond what is required. It’s inspiring.”

Artoun’s words capture the essence of this Year of the Middle States Network: innovation and inspiration through connection.

The Year of the Middle States Network aims to unlock the power of innovative and skilled educators from around the globe to help us — you, me, our colleagues — lead positive change in our schools and the wider education community. Volunteering on a visiting team is one way you can engage in the Year of the Middle States Network. When you are on a visiting team you are in the perfect position to absorb innovative practices, connect with your peers, and fill your proverbial cup.

Another way to take advantage of this Year of the Middle States Network is to join us on Oct. 24 to hear from Michael Horn, author of From Reopen to Reinvent and, in my estimation, one of the most important thinkers on educational innovation.

The stakes are high for our efforts at school evolution: We are preparing young people to contribute to the common good, to be purposeful citizens, and to live fulfilling lives. I am grateful to you and to educators like Artoun for your commitment to students throughout the world and for sharing your gifts with the wider Middle States network.

In community—

Christian Talbot

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